Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 6 30/30/30

Thank you so much for continuing to help spread the word about the 30/30/30!! We are at the close of Day #6. Something happens each day that let's me know God is in control.

I have issues with control. Even with the project, I think I need to do more or I begin to panic about not meeting my goal. I become consumed with what others think. It's tempting to focus on my own ability, rather than helping others or on God's power. Putting myself out here, being on a video, and trying to spread this story has been a little unsettling. Yes, I believe I must work hard to try and raise money, but I must not forget that God can do more than I ever ask or imagine. My prayer is that when others watch the video, they will not see Anna Polsgrove. My prayer is that when others watch the video, they will see a chance to be a part of something amazing. I have had a few people send me flattering comments. And while I selfishly like to hear it sometimes, this project is not about me. It's about the story God is writing.

Levi and Jessie at Bring Love In had a post today about getting more kids more quickly than they thought.  Please read the blog post HERE. This made me realize even more about God's timing with this project. What are the odds that we are raising money and they are taking in more and more kids? 

Highlight for today: Getting RT on Twitter from a journalist in Norway.

Let's take this story to other countries around the world! Do you have a way you can help do this?  Please feel free to share the story or email me at

Thanks again for being part of this. 24 days to go!

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