Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 30- Last day!

Today is Day 30 of 30/30/30! What a wild and incredible month. I cannot wait to get a total of all that has been given to Bring Love In this month. It has been amazing to see God working through so many different people...many I have not known until now. I cannot believe the 30 days are almost over. But I am still so excited that we have TODAY! 1 more day to provide permanent homes for Ethiopian children through the 30th birthday fund. Will you please consider giving, sharing the video, or praying for the ministry of Bring Love In? Thank you so much for ALL the support. Love you guys! Anna

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Meli n Pat said...

Hooray! Thank you for being obedient to such a God-sized task! What a way to bring Him glory - because only He could have done this for his children and widows in Ethiopia. Well done!